Registered Goat Kids For Sale 2018

It's kidding season 2018!

We have Alpine, Nubian x Alpine cross dairy goat kids available starting in April. Our herd is disease free, we test for CAE, CL, Johnes, TB, and Brucellosis.

Following Animal Welfare Approved protocols our kids get plenty of time to spend with their mothers and learn proper goat manners. 

We do a combination of dam and bottle raising to keep them very people friendly.

We no longer disbud horns, kids must be paid in full if you’d prefer disbudding. Must be sold in groups of two or more. If you wish to register your doelings or bucklings we can take your information and you may purchase their ADGA registration.

For 1 week old kids prices range from $50-$125.  Contact us for availability (802)-247-1443 or Email.


ADGA Registered Alpine Kids For Sale

  • We started our herd from the best dairy genetics we could find.  These kids will do well in a commercial dairy or on your homestead.  

  • We are looking for solid consistent production in a grass, forage, pastured based system for our breeding selections.  

  • Our kids are raised on their mothers colostrum for the first week.  They have access to 2nd cut hay starting in the first week.  After the 3rd week we offer organic alfalfa pellets and plenty of kelp and free choice minerals. 


Registered Alpine Goat Kids

Environment dictates growth success and disease resistance, our goal is to promote strong healthy kids.


Call Us (802)-247-1443 or Email to reserve your goat kids for this season!


Registered Goat Kids for Sale Ice House Farm