About - Ice House Farm

We are grass farming in the hills of Goshen Vermont.  Ice House Farm was started by Morgan & Chad Beckwith in 2016 with the goal of producing the healthiest goat milk.  We strive to provide a natural environment for our livestock.  Our farm is Animal Welfare Approved and Certified Grass Fed by AGW.  Our farming practices:

  • Sequester carbon out of the atmosphere and keep it in the plants and soil.
  • Produce grass-fed meat and milk that are higher in healthy nutrients and vitamins. Antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, conjugated linoleic acid CLA, carotenoids, beta-carotene, and more.
  • Benefit livestock with improved quality of life, health, and encourage natural herd/flock behaviors.

We are inspired by the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape.  We love experiencing the change in seasons and sharing them with you.  Please follow us on our Instagram.  Thank you for supporting our farm, goats, and mission!