Born to Graze

Vermont Farmstead Goat Cheese

Everything we do is aimed at farming in nature’s image. Our farming practices reduce pollution, sequester carbon, and increase biodiversity.

Our goal is to build a healthier environment with a more robust surrounding ecosystem. We do this by adaptively grazing a herd of dairy goats, moving them to new pasture each day.

As farmstead cheesemakers our most meaningful work is with our animals and on our land.

Healthy for you and good for the planet.

Managed Grazing and Silvopasture are listed in Project Drawdown's top 20 solutions for efforts to address climate change.

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Sky Ranch
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Sky Ranch is a farmstead raw milk aged goat cheese.  The cheese unveils a symphony of bright fruity notes with flavors that evolve in sublime nuttiness with a long finish that lends a rich earthy undertone adding depth and complexity.

8oz Wedge

Our Commitment

Food that keeps your family healthy

Animal Welfare

Raised Humanely on Pasture

No Herbicides, Pesticides, Hormones, Antibiotics or GMOs

Ecologically sound regenerative farming practices


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