Born to Graze

Vermont Goat Cheese & Probiotic Yogurts

Everything we do is aimed at farming in nature’s image, our farming practices reduce pollution, sequester carbon, and increase biodiversity.

Our goal is to build a healthier environment with a more robust surrounding ecosystem. We do this by adaptively grazing a herd of dairy goats moving them to new pasture each day.

As farmstead cheesemakers our most meaningful work is with our animals and on our land.

Healthy for you and good for the planet.

Managed Grazing and Silvopasture are listed in Project Drawdown's top 20 solutions for efforts to address climate change.


New Cheese!

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Fauna: All of the animal life present in a particular place and time.  This is a collaboration cheese between Ice House Farm and Wayward Goose Farm. The cheese is 50% farmstead goat milk and 50% cow milk from Wayward Goose Farm.

Fauna is a smooth and buttery artisan cheese, with a mild and creamy flavor profile. Its soft velvety texture makes it perfect for melting or cutting.  While its subtle notes of grass and wildflowers pair wonderfully with a crisp white wine or a hoppy IPA. Whether you're an cheese connoisseur or simply love trying new, Fauna is sure to impress and satisfy your palate. So why not add a little bit of the great outdoors to your next cheese board and indulge in the decadent, woodland flavor of Fauna.

This cheese is more than just a delicious food – it's an expression of our commitment to sustainable agriculture and the preservation of the natural world. Enjoy a taste of the great outdoors with each bite of Fauna, and support a better future for the land and its inhabitants great and small.


Our Commitment

Food that keeps your family healthy

Animal Welfare

Raised Humanely on Pasture

No Herbicides, Pesticides, Hormones, Antibiotics or GMOs

Ecologically sound regenerative farming practices


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