Vermont Dairy Goat Kids For Sale

We have wonderful Alpine dairy goat kids available starting in April. Our herd is disease free, we test for CAE, CL, Johnes, TB, and Brucellosis.  

High Pedigree goat kids from some of the best commercial alpine dairy genetics in New England.  The Sire for this seasons pairings comes from lines averaging over 3,300 pounds per season.  Our herd is on DHI testing and we select for Does that consistently produce higher than average cheesemaking quality milk.


Doeling Kids are $100. 

Buckling Kids are $50. 

  • Kids are disbudded ready to go at one week.  
  • Dams receive CDT and Selenium before birth.

To reserve your goat kids please fill out this reservation form.  We will contact you in the order of reservation received.  

Ice House Farm Goat Kid Reservation Form

baby goat kidsVermont goat kids for salebaby goat kids for saleVermont dairy goat kids for sale


  • We started our herd from the best dairy genetics we could find.  Twig Farm, Lazy Lady Farm, Roeburn, and Red Wood Hills.  These kids will do well in a commercial dairy or on your homestead.  

  • We are looking for consistent production in a high forage, pastured based system for our breeding selections.  We also select for resistance to internal parasites/barber pole worm. 

  • Our kids are raised on their mothers colostrum for the first week.  In addition they have access to 2nd cut hay starting in the first week.   


Environment dictates growth success and disease resistance, our goal is to promote strong healthy kids.


To Reserve your goat kids fill out this form: 

Ice House Farm Goat Kid Reservation Form

Call Us (802)-247-1443 or Email with any additional questions.