Vermont Raw Goat Milk

Our goal is to create an environment for our goats where they can produce the healthiest milk.

Ice House Farm Raw Goat Milk
Raw Goat Milk - Ice House Farm

The soil, pastures, and quality hay are our best tools for creating healthy delicious milk. Our goats have outdoors access 24/7 365 days a year. We rotationally graze the goats during the growing season, where they have access to new forage and browse. The herd is moved to new grazing areas once or twice a day depending on the size and quality of the pasture.


Our goats diet consists of their browse and forage, we supplement with first and second hay depending on their nutritional needs throughout the year. New milkers are trained with organic alfalfa pellets to our milking stands, we promote the consumption of top notch second cut hay during milking. Other dietary supplements include mineral mixes, kelp meal, and redmond salt which are offered free choice and are listed by OMRI for use in organic production.

Ice House Farm Grass Fed Goats Milk


We are a registered Tier II Raw Milk producer within the state of Vermont. Our milk is tested twice each month by an FDA accredited lab for Total Bacteria Count, Total Coliform Count, and Somatic Cell Count.  Our herd is tested for TB, Brucellosis, & Johne's. 

You can view all of the rules and regulations of raw milk within the state of Vermont at the Agency of Agriculture's website. Raw Milk.

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How to Order Goat Milk

Picking up RAW Milk on Farm.  Is the best way.  Right now we are still offering Raw Milk Pick up on the farm. 

  • Pick up on-farm

Our foundation for fresh raw milk:

  • Healthy soil
  • Healthy goats
  • Clean milking environment
  • Milk that is cooled quickly and handled gently

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Ice House Farm Raw Goat Milk.