goat milk kefir

Goat Milk Kefir - Quart 32oz

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Our certified Animal Welfare Approved goat milk kefir is super creamy, mild and delicious.  Packed full of microbiome friendly probiotics!  Kefir is a great way to start your morning with healthy protein, vitamins, minerals, and probiotic immune system support.  

  • Animal Welfare Approved
  • Easily Digestible
  • Made with Probiotics - Live Active Cultures


Size: 32oz

Ingredients: Farmstead Whole Goat Milk, Live & Active Cultures.

Live & Active Cultures: Kefir grains microflora, Kefir yeasts, Lactococcus lactic subsp, Leuconostoc sp., Lactobacillus sp., and Streptococcus thermophilus.  


Customer Reviews

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Chris S
Great Kefir

This is the best kefir I've tried. My dog loves it too! I really like this farm, great and friendly customer service.

Bryan Pfeiffer
Kefir Heaven

Thick, rich and tasty — with just the right amount of tang. That’s our five-star review of Ice House Farm Goat Milk Kefir. Our assortment of cheeses as well (including dog treats) also gets a five-star rating. Hmm …. We wonder if goat dairies can qualify for a Michelin restaurant rating …. :-)

Teena Foster

I always receive the very best customer service! I love this place!! Thank you for not only some fantastic goat's milk but your service to the community.


My kids love this kefir in their smoothies! It is a great choice for one of my kids who is sensitive to cow’s milk. Delicious and nutritious and local! What’s not to love?! Thanks Ice House Farm!