Ice House Farm Product Reviews

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Chèvre - Herbed
Gina Swann
Permanent staple in our house!!!!

We love, love…..did I say, we love the Herbed Chèvre!!! It has such amazing flavor and a creamy texture. We enjoy pairing it with most of our meals. Once you try it you WILL be hooked as we are:)

Gina Swann
Fauna is Amazing!!!

I put some Fauna on my salad and OMG it was so delicious!!! The additional flavor and texture it added to my salad was amazing. Your going to want to try this for sure:)

Awesome kefir, awesome service!!

Wonderful experience with these folks. Great kefir, very tasty, very healthy. And, outstanding service, went above and beyond to help us out. Thank you very much, we appreciate it.

Raw Goat Milk
Rebecca Watson Horn

Love love love!!!

Best Goat Milk

This is the best goat milk we have purchased. It is so high quality, thick, creamy and delicious. Highly recommend!

Goat T-Shirt
Diane Lyford

I got this for my daughter-in-law and my granddaughter said she loved it too!

Ice House Farm Beanie
Peter Ciancarelli
Love Ice House Farm!!!

I first visited IHF a few years ago to get some raw milk for myself and my dog. I was so excited because of how they care for and treat the goats, as family, and use safe, natural methods to treat them like homeopathy. The owners of the farm are truly amazing people and I had a blast talking with them. I met their lovely dog Wyeth too. To this day I still order their milk and have it delivered to me in Massachusetts because they are that good and they deserve your support.

Chèvre - Classic Plain
Danielle Wills
Everyone loved it!

I made personal charcuterie boxes for my coworkers for Christmas and they loved them! One of my coworkers even said she doesn’t normally like goat cheese, but this is some of the best cheese she has ever had. Truly delicious! Ice House Farm is so friendly and fulfilled my order so quickly. I will definitely be ordering more cheese soon!

Goat Milk Feta
Teena Foster
Feta is amazing

The goat feta is soooo tasty. My husband and I just can't get enough!! The only complaint is that we eat it way too fast so it does not last very long!! Thanks so much for your amazing customer service!!

Great Kefir

This is the best kefir I've tried. My dog loves it too! I really like this farm, great and friendly customer service.

Goat Milk Kefir - 12oz
Justin Pearson

Goat Milk Kefir - 12oz

Goat Cheddar Curds
Can’t get enough of this!

I love all of Ice House Farms products !! Well done farm fresh excellence!

Goats Milk Yogurt

This yogurt is fantastic and I am so happy I found Ice House Farm. As a Chef I can tell you that I have tasted many goat & sheep milk yogurts and this is definitely one of the best in New England. Chad, Morgan, and everyone at Ice House Farm have been amazing to work with!

Chèvre - Classic Plain
Bryan Pfeiffer
Chèvre Heaven

Chèvre perfection. Spectacular flavor and texture. And I believe I’ve discovered yet another euphoric food combination: Ice House Farm Chèvre on baked black-sesame rice crackers. Doesn’t get much better.

Awesome service!

The service at ice house farm is outstanding We love every product We have tried! The Kiefer and the cheese curds are our favorite. Thank you ice house farm!

Fantastic Feta!!

A superb feta cheese! You will most definitely enjoy it. Will be back for more!

Raw Goat Milk
Sheila Reardon
Amazing product and great customer service

I ordered the goat milk for my pup and she absolutely loves it! I love this company and look forward to the day I can go visit the farm in person. Thank you also for your great customer service.
Sheila R
Portsmouth NH

Awesome postcards

I really love the art work that is on the Ice House products and the postcards did not disappoint- They are adorable!

Goat Milk Yogurt - 32oz
Grace Malinowski
Delicious Yogurt

Ice House Farm has fantastic yogurt! It is smooth and creamy with just the right amount of tart. I'm in love, it's the best!

Great hat!

Great warm hat with really nice embroidery. Nice product Ice House Farm!

Goat T-Shirt
Love everything about this T-shit

Great quality, perfect color, and print exactly as advertised. But let’s talk about that goat face... makes me smile just to look at it. My new favorite t-shirt!

Chèvre - Herbed
Ashley Ducharme

Great taste!

Chèvre - Herbed
Michael Pallozzi

Finished in a single sitting. It's that good.

Creamy Goodness!

This Chevre is outstanding. Texture and flavor are perfect. I highly recommend.

Goat T-Shirt
Liz Wehmeyer

Great product and great service! Thank you!